Paul Limacher -

Chef de Cuisine

Having collected a range of awards for his cuisine abilities during a career that has seen him leading several top Wellington dining establishments including seven years as executive chef at Shed 5 and most recently has the executive sous chef at the multi-catering operation of Te Papa Museum, Paul is excited about the forthcoming opportunity to combine his two great loves - Cuisine and Wellington City.

Paul's enthusiasm for food, where he focuses his passion into creating innovative, flavoursome dishes with gusto, is almost equalled by his love of Wellington, claiming it as his favourite city in the wold. "It's all here - a cosmopolitan feel, compact charm and real vibrancy, yet with a playground of mountains and coastline just minutes away."

Chameleon Restaurant has long been an innovative part of the Wellington dining scene, specialising in presenting quality New Zealand cuisine with flair, to both visitors to the capital and local diners.

"With his years of experience in delivering superb cuisine and his intimate knowledge of the region, Paul was an irresistable and natural fit for our hotel," said InterContinental Wellington general manager Scott Hamilton. "We're delighted he's leading our Chameleon team - it's a true 'best leading the best' scenario."


Edmond Weicherding -

Executive Chef

Where else do you learn to cook but at your grandma's bench, with her in a floury apron and you standing on a chair making a horrible mess and a plum tart? That's how Edmond Weicherding learned to cook as a little boy in Luxembourg. When he wasn't at the bench, he was in his grandparents' big garden...

"My grandmother said, 'it was a good job you chose. Everyone has to eat'".

"She looked after me and my brother and sister two or three times a week and I spent my holidays with her. They had a huge garden and we lived off their potatoes all year. At the end of the season they'd put vegetable in jars to go through winter. She had a floury apron and a hearing aid she didn't want to wear.

"All three of us would stand at grandma's bench. My brother was not a cook, but he was a big eater. In the fruit season we would help my grandmother make plum tarts and he would even eat the raw dough."

His first job was in a small restaurant close to home where the proprietor kept koura like crayfish in a pond and Weicherding's job was to fish them out live and present them to the customers.

On the way to working in more important eateries, he cooked in a small French restaurant "where the apprentices used to get the odd smack around the head, which was quite acceptable, to be honest. If the chef was grumpy, you had to pull your head in. He used to throw things as well."

He cooked in Germany and for several years in London. At Kensington place, in Kensington Church Street, he met his New Zealander wife and likes to say she took him home as a souvenir. He began work with InterContinental hotel a decade ago...

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